About Us

Like you, I consider my pets to be part of my family.  Like you, I want to be able to provide my pets with the best high quality treats to supplement their diet.  In my opinion, high quality freeze-dried organ meat and high quality single source protein chews are the answer.  Having single-source proteins that do not contain additives and other fillers is best for your pet.  The treats / chews will provide our pets with mental stimulation, can reduce anxiety, assists in dental health while working their jaw, neck and shoulder muscles that would be engaged if they were not domesticated and eating in the wild.  

Approximately 18 years ago, I started my dogs on the raw food diet before it was popular.  Most people thought I was crazy.  At the time, I could find only one book on feeding the raw diet to dogs.  Currently there are many variations of the raw diet for both dogs and cats - the B.A.R.F. diet, the prey model diet, the species appropriate diet and others.

One thing all diets agree upon is the need to include organ meat in your pet’s diet and to rotate the protein source.

Our way of bringing quality nutrients to your pet is to provide freeze-dried organ meat in the form of a treat.  Freeze-drying maintains the majority of the nutrient value and makes it easy to provide some raw meat without the mess and slime of handling raw.  Dogs and cats love organ meat.  It is a great high-value treat pets love and never get tired of.  It makes a great training treat too!  In addition, single source protein chews offer an easy way to rotate / add a variety of proteins to your pets diet.  It also satisfies the natural need to chew.

There was always a dog at home while I was growing up.  

In my adult life, my pets found me.  Mila was my soul, Pebbles was the mirror of my emotions, Tiger kept me in check, Gracie expanded my ability to read dog language (she was deaf).  Mitzy and Shadow, who were adopted as seniors, taught me how dogs with the physical scars of a terrible life can start over and end up loving you and trusting you like you were always together.  

Not to be overlooked is my cat Nera.  They say cats are healers and Nera helped Gracie, Shadow and Mitzy heal from past traumas.  It was something wonderful to see.  

Nera helped me understand dogs with a traumatic past.  I accepted the quirks that made them special and individual, to give them the space, attention or environment they needed without judgment.  

 All my pets are my heart and soul.  

 I will forever be indebted to my pets for all the love they showed me and for what they taught me.

My pets taught me to trust my research and intuition, to look at their health and well-being holistically.   I saw my pets coats get shinier, their eyes brighter and their teeth stay clean without brushing.  They got healthier on the raw diet, raw (freeze-dried) treats and high quality single source protein chews.

Freeze-dried organ meat treats and single-source protein chew treats are a great addition to any pet's diet.