High Quality Treats

Where Raw Meets Kibble - The best of the raw diet, namely organ meat, freeze-dried to supplement any kibble and/or raw diet without the mess or fuss of raw. 

Other treats/Chews - Chewing is a primal instinct for our dogs and cats.  We have various single source protein chews to engage your dog or cat in the way nature intended - involving the jaws, neck and shoulder/forearm muscles they would utilize to eat their prey giving a more satisfied feeling.  Chewing provides mental stimulation, entertainment, relieves boredom and mild anxiety or frustration and can assist in combating periodontal disease.

Pet Treats & Birdseed Wreaths

Here are photos of my booth at two local farmer's markets showing the selection of pet treats I offer.  I am constantly searching and vetting additional high quality single source protein treats to add to my inventory.  I have also included a sample of our handcrafted designer birdseed wreaths.  Each wreath is between seven to nine inches in diameter; all wreaths contain the same amount of birdseed.  Designs will vary.